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Life is Nothing But a Stage

As a follow up to the meaning of life post last week, I sometimes wonder how in the world those around me can love me. Then other times I'm lucky enough to remember that whatever I might be doing for a job, in my social life, for my relationship, for my home, for my vacation -- everything is just a stage for me to interact with exactly the right people and to give my gifts and receive theirs.

I oftentimes forget this and think that whatever stage I'm on is the important thing, like selling timeshares or servicing owners or making a widget or seeing the Himalayas but then something will happen to remind me that those are all just the props, the set, the backdrop to do the important work of our time on earth -- to give our gifts and receive gifts from others.

Here are 2 of our favorite performers during a weekend visit and concert by Jana.Here are 2 of our favorite performers during a weekend visit and concert by Jana.

The coffee mug song by Jana Stanfield

Not gifts like packages, tied up in a bow, but gifts of caring, love, laughter, joy, sharing, connection - all of the things that define us as God having a human experience. I heard a great performer this weekend, Amy Carol Webb (she's the one on the left with the mug) and she sang a song called "God Has No Hands But Ours". It was a great reminder that if those gifts are going to make it to those of us on earth then it is up to me to deliver them and to receive them no matter what perfect incarnation of God shows up to bestow them.

And if I'm caught up in whatever stage or drama that I happen to be involved in at the time, then I might miss that opportunity. So do me a favor, help me remember that life is just a stage where I am called to give and receive my gifts.


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