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My Approach

I specialize in transformational coaching, leveraging creative visualization. This approach uses mental imagery, affirmation and emotional intention to produce the positive changes you want in your life. Creative visualization is scientifically proven successful in the fields of health, business, creative arts and sports. Creative visualization can have a positive impact in every person's life. 

Tools we can leverage


  • Affirmative Visualization

  • Signature Strengths   

  • Vision Boards

  • The Wheel of Life

  • SMART Goals

  • Affirmations

  • Meditation

  • Gratitude Journals

  • Tarot


The Happiness Class

I have conducted several 10 week unofficial study groups on the Science of Well-Being, an extremely popular course offered by Yale University and Professor Laurie Santos. During this journey well help each other apply the concepts introduced in class and encourage others and ourselves to make choices in life that bring happiness based on scientific evidence. 

Groups are normally 15 or less and the benefits of the class last a lifetime. The class is free on Coursera and the study group is shared on a love offering basis via a weekly Zoom class. 

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