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I speak, on average, once a week to one group or another. From the Venture Café to SCORE events across the country, to the FAU Executive Education division, and Strive305 offered by the office of the Mayor in Miami, to local chamber of commerce groups, covering a wide variety of topics including Digital Marketing Trends, Thought Leadership and LinkedIn Marketing. Please reach out to me if you have a topic in mind. 


Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Find new customers using LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. Learn practical tips and tools that B2B companies – businesses that sell to other businesses – as well as consultants and marketing and sales professionals can use to immediately increase their visibility and thought leadership on LinkedIn. The workshop will cover the key elements your LinkedIn profile and company page must include to make the most of this powerful selling tool.


Grow Your Business on LinkedIn Without Spending a Dime

Establish yourself as an influencer and thought leader in your industry. Learn how to increase your presence and impact on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. This webinar will focus on the ways that business people can leverage LinkedIn to build their credibility and business leads without spending a dime. Participants will come away with practical tips and a checklist of best practices for creating memorable content on LinkedIn that will attract your ideal customer. 


What’s New & Improved on LinkedIn

If you are a B2B marketer or salesperson, meaning you sell your services to companies rather than individuals, you must be up to date with the latest and greatest of LinkedIn. LinkedIn marketing expert Sheryl Cattell of BizHack Academy will cover the newest developments and enhancements to the world’s most powerful and fastest growing B2B social media platform.


Live Interactive LinkedIn Profile Makeovers Using Audience Participants

Sheryl will lead a dynamic interactive session where she will coach one or more audience members through a real-time profile makeover. Everyone benefits by seeing it done right before their very eyes using a real example. One or more audience members will get the opportunity to share their Zoom screen and make real-time updates to their profile while the audience gets the benefit of seeing how to do it step by step. This is a session that always pleases. 


Why LinkedIn Matters: It’s More Than a Place to Find a Job

Learn how to use LinkedIn to grow your business. Whether it’s finding new customers, hiring talent or developing partnerships, this informal discussion will take your questions about how business owners can make the most of the world’s largest professional network. Discover how LinkedIn has grown and changed since it was purchased by Microsoft, and its increased role in marketing and sales in the COVID era. Listeners will learn more about how to use the platform to generate leads and business as well as fame and fortune, at least 15 minutes’ worth.


How to Use Thought Leadership on LinkedIn to Better Compete and Inspire New Customers

This one-hour interactive workshop will reveal your current marketing strengths and weaknesses and provide an immediate roadmap toward thought leadership on social media platforms including LinkedIn. Sheryl will walk you step by step through the Thought Leadership Pyramid™, BizHack's proven process to establish a thought leadership position that you can leverage to generate sales and leads online. She'll provide real-life examples of how to put each element into practice. In addition, you'll take a short assessment to get your current TLP Score™.

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