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Everyone Makes the Best Possible Decision

Everyone makes the best possible decision based on the information available.

Okay, that was a mouthful but it helps me remember why sometimes, some people will make decisions that I can't understand or agree with. I mean my decisions are so rational, logical and common sense to me, that when someone disagrees or decides something to the contrary I think that maybe they are either incompetent or purposely trying to piss me off (usually the latter because it is all about me).

So this lesson gives me a glimmer of hope that if I provide this poor decider with the same information and set of facts that I possess they can only make the right decision and agree with me, no? Okay, the logic may be flawed a bit and when I relentlessly harp on the facts and the obviously missing information in their dataset I do understand that I can be a pain, but in my mind I'm sure that I am just one fact away from agreement so why stop short?

Okay the thing that matters most here is for me to realize that maybe the other person has the missing fact that might pull me over to their side, if they could only get a word in edge-wise. My peace and happiness lie in my ability to ask questions, to probe and to uncover the knowledge I lack or to find the weakness in their argument and go for the jugular once I have it in my sights...

Old habits are hard to break.


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