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How to Achieve Enlightenment

I always thought that reaching enlightenment would require years of practice, hours of meditation and daily yoga, fasting, unlimited service hours and much much more! However, someone explained it to me that enlightenment comes one moment at a time. Everyone has had at least one moment of enlightenment, one moment of intense love, bliss, or happiness. It is what gives us hope to carry on. Like the most intense connection with someone else or the perfect golf shot, it is why we come back again and again. If we have experienced it once we know it can happen again.

So someone wiser than I explained enlightenment as the ability to have those moments more and more often. And each time they come we strive to make them last longer and longer until one day they merge together and we live in an eternal state of love, bliss or happiness (however you define enlightenment). Now that is a goal I can work towards and just think of the fun I will have along the way!

Won't you join me?

In service,



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