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  • Golden Nuggets Learned in this Lifetime

    Like any class you attend, if you are lucky you walk away with a few golden nuggets of knowledge. It's the one or two things you learn that keeps you coming back for more. Well life is like that too. Like a class that lasts a lifetime and when you uncover those golden nuggets they tend to be amazing insights that can help you in every situation that comes afterward. This is one of those. What one person feels in a relationship, the other person feels the same way. So what does this mean and how do I know? It means this, if I am in a situation where I feel great, supported, motivated and inspired, chances are good that the other person in that situation feels the same thing. This also works in situations where I feel uneasy, anxious or fearful, chances are excellent that the other person in that situation feels the same. So why doesn't it always appear that way? Because people react differently to the same situation, it doesn't always appear that both people feel the same because their actions are so dramatically different. How do I know this? I can say that each of us are unique and different just like everyone else and the way I demonstrate anger can look dramatically different from the way someone else displays the same feeling. For some, the best defense is a good offense, and others prefer to play the role of the victim. Both are feeling fear but it just looks different in how it manifests. In my experience if two people have an honest and candid conversation they will find that they share the same feelings no matter how different they act. So in any situation even without an open and honest conversation, just know this universal truth and knowing this will help you empathize with your teaching partner on this part of your journey. #lifestyle #decisionmaking #relationships

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